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Mental Health and Wellbeing Support

During tough times, we all need a little reminder that we can cope. With self-care, support and certain little tips and tricks, you can get through a difficult patch.

As parents and carers, there are ways we can support children and young people to give them the best chance to stay mentally healthy.

Some children and young people have enjoyed being off school, while others will have really struggled – with the coronavirus outbreak keeping them at home and away from friends. Others may be coming to terms with family problems, loss or changes to their living situation. They might also face difficulties in being back at school, or have worries about getting or passing on the virus.

It's also still uncertain what further changes we all may face. Feelings like these will gradually ease for most, but there are always steps you can take to support them emotionally and help them cope with problems they face. There's also further support available if you feel you or they need it.




Supporting children with anxiety difficulties (PDF)

The five ways to wellbeing (PDF)

Learn with Get Ahead Free Online Family Learning Workshops & Courses (PDF)

Coronavirus social story (PDF)

Click here to find information from the Government on children's mental health and well-being.


Visit Childline for lots of resources to help during this time. We recommend these calming activities and games.


Visit Place2Be for free resources and videos to support children's mental health


The following web links are all about how achieve a feeling of calm, meditation and sleep. You may find them useful during this time. 



Reading Well

Reading Well supports you to understand and manage your health and wellbeing using helpful reading. The books are all recommended by health experts, as well as people with experience of the conditions and topics covered and their relatives and carers.

You can be recommended a title by a health professional, or you can visit your local library and take a book out yourself.

There are five booklists available:

You can borrow books from the collections from your local library. 99% of English library authorities run a Reading Well scheme as part of the Universal Public Library Health Offer. See a full list of the titles on the Reading Well website.

Many of the Reading Well titles are available to borrow as e-books and audiobooks. Visit your local library website to find out how to join the library and access books electronically.


Mindfulness is a form of mind training based around paying attention to our experience and noticing when our mind wanders. Mindfulness is a practice where we focus on our experience, including our thoughts, feelings and sensations, and learn how these things affect our mood and behaviour. Focusing is not always easy! We spend up to 50% of our time not focused or paying attention.

 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6XDe9jPfrI Sesame Street mindfulness

Colouring can be a great mindfulness activity that reduces anxiety. Download free mindfulness colouring sheets.


Yoga can be a great way to relax and could easily become part of you bedtime routine. There are a range of activities on the Youtube channel, Cosmic Kids Yoga. They have a variety of themes ranging from Disney to Harry Potter and Sonic the Hedgehog. They can all be done from the comfort of your living room, so if you need to unwind, check it out.



If at any stage there is a bereavement in your family there is some useful information at Bereavement UK. It includes advice on supporting children through difficult times/bereavement and when you can't visit someone who is ill.


Other Websites

https://www.camhs-resources.co.uk/ (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services)


Mental Health and Wellbeing Support