Bushfield Road Infant School

Our School

Bushfield Road Infant School Curriculum Intent.

Bushfield Infants is a school which recognises and respects difference; a calm, safe and inclusive school which celebrates the progress and achievements of all our children. A school which supports not only its pupils, but also their families.

Bushfield Infant School prides itself on integrity, values and high expectations and these qualities are what drive the school.

At the heart of the school is a broad and balanced curriculum, offering exciting challenges in a meaningful way, constantly encouraging children to learn and practise skills which will stay with them for life.

Raising standards, whilst supporting emotional well-being is a priority and the responsibility of every member of staff. An emphasis on language rich learning experiences promotes the communication skills which are fundamental to successful learning.

At the heart of the school curriculum, is an innovative and well embedded approach to teaching the key skills for future success.

Communication, Teamwork, Resilience, Problem solving, Creativity and Financial awareness.

Bushfield Infant school is a positive environment in which to work and learn, a safe place to take risks and accept challenge and most of all a community where we all strive to be the very best we can.

Communication and Interaction

We spend a huge part or our lives talking, listening and responding to people around us. We should never just expect communication to happen; we should take personal responsibility for the quality of our conversations. Almost everything we do, in and out of school, depends on talking and listening. Speech, language and communication skills are crucial for the development of a child’s learning and for their social and emotional wellbeing.

For that reason, across all areas of our creative curriculum, we provide opportunities to talk, to listen and to respond to what we see and hear. (Please refer to The Communication, Interaction and Literacy policy for further information.