Bushfield Road Infant School


PE Curriculum intent

Healthy bodies create healthy minds. Healthy minds create happy learners.

At Bushfield Road Infant School we recognise the importance PE plays in the curriculum and we are committed to providing all children with opportunities to engage fully in Physical Education. The aim of our PE programme is to develop children's basic physical competencies, build confidence in their ability and build the foundations for a lifelong love of sport, physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.

PE lessons encourage children to compete against themselves and others whilst being challenged to improve their physical, social, emotional and thinking skills. We inspire our pupils through fun and engaging PE lessons that the children enjoy and are accessible to all. Our PE curriculum is planned and sequenced so that new knowledge and skills build on prior learning.  Our objectives in the teaching of PE align with the National Curriculum in that we aim to ensure all pupils:

  • Develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities
  • Are physically active for sustained periods of time
  • Engage in competitive sports
  • Lead healthy, active lives

PE Curriculum map

PE Policy 2021