Bushfield Road Infant School

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Richard Stiff, Executive Director for Children’s Services

"You are North Lincolnshire’s first outstanding school. Ofsted judgements at that level are not easily won and are an enormous credit to you and every member of your team. Thank you for making a real difference to the lives of North Lincolnshire children."

Parent's Comments

"Bushfield Road Infants give the best support and the best positive start a child needs!"

"*** would not have performed well at school if it was not for the input of you all, you all should be congratulated for what you have achieved."

"We are both delighted with the levels *** has achieved. Thank you for giving him such wonderful foundations to work on."

"Thank you very much for giving *** what we believe to be the best possible start in her education at your outstanding school."

"Any child who is fortunate enough to attend Bushfield Road is given the best start any parent could wish for"

"*** has thoroughly enjoyed his time at Bushfield Road Infant School. He has grown into a confident, independent boy who has achieved so much at your school. A big thank you to yourself and your wonderful dedicated staff. He has had a great start to school life."

"Just to say many, many thanks for all you have done for *** over the past few years. I know he will remember his time at Bushfield with happy, carefree thoughts."

"*** has exceeded out expectations for which we are extremely proud and grateful for your wonderful teaching."

"It is encouraging to know that *** is pushed to his capable levels. Thank you for all your hard work with ***, he really loves school and is always eager to learn more. Your dedication is really paying off."